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I am honored, speechless, and feel so undeserving to be featured within the same category as many other strong, successful and independent women, but here is my story:

photo by the lovely & beautiful: Jessica Darmanin
A huge thanks to Pauleanna and Shannae at What Women Want!


Hope everyone’s enjoying their super bowl weekend. Weekends are obviously NOT long enough. I’ve been exhausted from work and spent half my weekend sleeping like a grizzly bear. I attempted to take advantage of the beautiful snow with some pics, but ran out of time as I had a 100 things to catch up on after my mini hibernation. BUT I’m happy to announce that I took advantage of McDonald’s coupons before they expired.
You forgot about that one, didn’t you?

In the meantime, I would like you to meet – Shannae Ingleton! Woman extraordinaire.
I had the pleasure of meeting Shannae for the first time in one of my styling classes as a guest speaker. I was intrigued by her personality,  interests, background, her ideas and goals for the future and how she planned to go about them. Not to mention, SUPER fashawnable – the girls’ got some mad smokin’ hot style……and smokin’ hot in general.
Her visit to my class left me motivated, and inspired.

Fast forward about 2 years later. I had the biggest pleasure of chatting with Shannae one on one through a mutual friend about a month ago. It’s a small world I’m tellin’ ya.

Hi. I love her. We share so much in common…almost TOO MUCH in common it was scary yet, real comforting to speak with someone who fully understood where I was coming from. We had similar experiences and views on just about everything we touched on. Amazing person she is.

And if you don’t know exactly who Shannae is by now, she is the founder of What Women Want, a way to bring women together and inspiring them through  unique experiences and events such as “Wine and Dine in a dress“; “Literary Journey” and “You Day“.
These awesome events get bigger and better each year and they sell out like hot cakes!
Shannae dedicates so much of her time through these events, to make the continuous effort to reminds us women that sometimes we need to stop and treat ourselves. To re-discover ourselves, our beauty, individuality, and so much more. All of us ladies need and deserve that!

Check Shannae out! Big changes are in store for What Women Want! She rocks.

Ya. I fully Instagrammed it.