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All black is always a classy, timeless safe bet. I love using different textures of black together in an outfit – they compliment each other so well. And there’s always the option to shake it up by easily adding pops of colour with accessories!

But these aren’t just any accessories. I am wearing beautiful, handmade earrings by the lovely, Yvette aka. Killa Hearts You.
They are the finishing touch to pretty much any outfit you can think of. What makes these earrings so unique (besides the gorgeous length, that is hard to find) is that Yvette can create & customize to any colour, shape or idea you fancy! I don’t know about you, but custom and handmade accessories are off the chain! Speaking of chains, Yvette also does earring necklaces which are wildly popular….you heard me. They boldly combine both accessories! That sh*t cray!
Show them off with a big BAM together with a sleek hair up-do, or wear your hair down and let them blend in like feather extensions! Perfect for the holiday season with upcoming parties, and fixes those “what-the-hell-am-i-gonna-wear” moments.
Turn simple into wow!

Is the pair too much for you or overpowering your outfit? Not to worry. Who says you have to wear them both at all times? Yvette strongly practices “single statement earrings”,ย  where just one is all you really need for a casual event or date, yet still extremely unique and fabulous!

My pair is made with cruelty free feathers, real suede, swarovski detailing and 18k chains and a whole lotta killa lovin’

Outfit 1:
jacket: topshop | pants: zara | boots: blondo | purse: vintage | gloves: h&m | earrings: killa hearts you

Outfit 2:
sweater: gap | pants: urban outfitters | earrings: killa hearts you

Killa Hearts You is having a Christmas season sale for the month of December only – buy two get one free! Trust me they are worth it! They make perfect gifts!ย  Contact her directly at

Thank you Yvette for the absolutely gorgeous earrings!
As always, thank you Vicky for the absolutely gorgeous photos!

This was more of a fun experimental creative rather than an outfit post. It was a coincidence that the title was so fitting after Vicky and I watched Black Swan the movie (wow) without intending to make it a theme for this shoot.
We had a lot of fun catching some dreamy shots. The weather and water were just perfect. Don’t you just LOVE frolicking on the beach in a tulle skirt barefoot?ย  Thank you to the VERY talented Vicks again for the beautiful pics!

tube top: spoof | skirt: h&m

I don’t know what it is about the Ex that makes me all giddy, but I MUST go every summer, no matter what the circumstance.
I will go in torrential rain, muggy heat or golfed ball sized hail. There is just something about deep fried-anything-you-can-think-of that makes you feel like you just tasted a bit of heaven. Not to mention the rickety rides and money hungry games that make you feel like a kid again.
As much as I love it, I also hate how it’s an indicator that summer is coming to an end soon, and the last stretch of the year will be stressful as hell until Christmas.
Oh summer, why do you have to be so short?
Oh CNE, why do you have to be so deep fried and delicious?
Oh helllooooooo fall wardrobe!

shorts: H&M | tee: forever 21 | Cardi: Kenzie | sandals: Sam Edelman

photos by: Vicky Brahos

Sometimes, it’s the best just chilling at home…doing a whole bunch of nothing.
So hurry up and wear all your damn summer dresses before the fall comes and bites us in the bum!

The thing I love about summer dresses, there are so many ways to wear them just by adding on a blazer, scarf, cardigan, or changing your accessories for totally different looks!

dress: f21 | denim vest: pacific mall | sandals: Sam Edelman
photos by: Vicky Brahos

Just a quick post.ย  It’s a little out there for me from what I usually wear, but I wanted to step out of my box and try something new! So I thought this would be a bit little more fun and cutesy, and I simply LOVE this colour palette! This summer I’ve been obsessed with mint greens and blush pinks paired with earth tones and heather greys.
What do you guys think? ๐Ÿ™‚

mint green shorts: American Apparel | everything else: H&M
photos by: Vicky Brahos

Can you believe it’s already August? =( time just flies like rapid fire!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! What’s your favorite thing to wear in the summertime?
Me, I love pretty much everything, especially pretty & long/maxi flowing skirts/dresses. They are timeless and look beautiful on anyone. A staple in any girl’s closet!
I was lucky enough to have Vicky test out her new tilt shift lens on me and capture the stunning scenery that complimented my outfit perfectly.

I got this beautiful maxi skirt at a market on the streets of Rome, Italy. It can be worn with just about anything, dress it up or down and it’s SO comfy! The flow of it when you walk just makes you feel pretty =)ย  There’s also added detail underneath the skirt to give it even more extra flow. I paired it up with a black bodysuit from American Apparel, and fedora from Bigitup, for a simple summer look!

photos by: Vicky Brahos

Finally, a new outfit post!ย  Love wearing all my summer gear!
Summer has been super busy for me, but super fun!
I was lucky enough to do a jam packed photo session with close friend and photographer extraordinaire, Vicky! We manged to find some beautiful, secret locations for photos. Stay tuned for more!
This weather has been crazy hot and is now finally cooling down! Keep cool, cool cats!

ย I absolutely love the lightweight feeling of this dress! It breathes well and is perfect for a hot summer day. The details around the collar are my favorite part, and I am a sucker for white eyelet patterned anything!

dress & shoes: H&M | earrings: thrifted
photos by: Vicky Brahos

It’s funny that when I’m not neck deep busy in life I seem to lack in posts…but since I just purchased a brand spankin’ new iMac ๐Ÿ˜€ I guess I got no excuse! It was hard using that ancient Powerbook (YES. Powerbook. 1st generation Apple laptop baby). I keep it oldschool.
I can’t complain, summer’s been good to me. Good weather, friends, fam, food, and of course summer wardrobe! Sadly, it’s peacing out soon, so hurry up and wear all your rompers, because I have about 17 that I haven’t even warn yet!!
I promise I’ll be better at my posts. I’m excited about my SWEET STEEZ section I’m going to start – so look out for that!
I would post a crap load of pics ofย  my summer but meeeeh, there’s just too much to go through.

And you must be wondering about Meesh’s wedding! Well, she did it! Hahahaha. It was the most beautiful wedding ever, I was so most honored to be a part of it as her and Jon’s maid of honor.
Here are a few of my faves that were taken by my girl, Vicky

The following photographs were taken by Tara McMullen. See Meesh’s full wedding story post here!



I know this is out of my style, but I’ll leave you with Ai Otsuka- Kingyo Hanabi. I love this song and my little mochi nieces.