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All the very best in 2012!!!



Casa Loma, that is.

Usually, I stay home on New Years Eve (with the exception of last year), in my extra large sweater and jogging pants, sans bra, eating chips, Turtles and sipping on an extra large bubble tea until I fall asleep, which is the best thing ever.  It’s overrated and expanse to go out, but you gotta do it up at least once…right?
After much hesitation and whining, I agreed to buy a million dollar ticket, come correct and roll with some friends to Casa Loma. I was thrilled to find out my boy M-Rock was djing for the night, so I knew that I was guaranteed some reeeeaaaalll gooooood bangin’ music, which turned out, truuuuuueeeee.
On top of that, the venue was incredible. Nice crowd, well organized, not rammed like sardines, beautiful people…I swear I felt like I was on a season finale episode of Gossip Girl!

I danced till my shoes came off, then put them back on the wrong feet, made friends with everyone in the castle, ate cupcakes on the floor, and a whole buncha other stuff that seems to be a blur, until I was caressing the curves of that sexy porcelain toilet the next morning.

I hope everyone had a great start to the new year! Let’s see what 2011 will bring us!
Please excuuuuse my point & shoot cam!


My black one shoulder dress is from Denise, earrings from Anne Sportun, all bangles and braclets from H&M

I just made last minute plans to go out to my first NYE party ever Yes. You heard me. FIRST TIME. I always thought NYE was overrated and expensive. People are surprised at this knowing the fact I love to party on any other given night (including work nights! tsk tsk).  I usually spent NYE at home with my brothers, watching wack movies, eating like cows and staying up ’till 6am with an extra large Toblerone in one hand and falling asleep on top of a bag of chips.

Well I guess there is a first for everything.

I tried to cop something cute last minute, but after all the boxing day/week madness….I failed. I didn’t really feel like spending over $50, although I did want to ring in 2010 with something new. I really hoped to find these dresses at H&M a new home. My closet.

Eh. They were all gone. I’ll have to make to make do with what’s in my closet. Blah. However I did manage to grab a pair of black lace leggings and a silver elephant necklace.

On a different note, I want to add this to my closet badly.HI! MAHAL KITA???!?!? BEST!!!!!

I’ll let you guys know my outfit goes for NYE!