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sometimes, over-sized + baggy =  comfy + sexy

a big shout-out to cool cat, blogger-stylist extraordinaire,  Sincerely Jules! She designed the tee i’m wearing, and is the inspiration for this post!
she’s an inspiration, period!

top: Sincerely Jules | circle scarf & leggings | american apparel | cardi: zara | boots: pacific mall | purse: h&m | jacket: florence, italy
bracelets: tiffany’s, f21, ralph lauren

photos by talent of all trades: kidkulit


Today, I was looking for the perfect high-waited ponts (FAIL). BTW has anyone else noticed how inconsistent American Apparel fittings are??!?!!? I tried on 10 pairs of the same ponts in the same size (yes, I said PONTS), and they ALL fit differently! Weird. Either that or my booty couldn’t fit in dem jeans!
Since I failed on my mission, I stumbled on some cute new nail polishes at AA to somewhat make up for the disappointment and treated myself to a 3 for $17.50 red light special.

Can you find them?

ohhhhhhh…I lost them amongst the 5 ga-jillion other ones.
I’m well on my way to becoming a guest on Hoarders.

I’m craving salami.