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Yo Gabba gabba!

Here are the long awaited behind the scenes pics, and shots that didn’t make the flyer for Rhyme & Wine II.
Our model, Azalea is just beautiful!

Once again – dope team. Need I say more?

Art Direction & Design: Marc Ghali
Photography: Shaun Joseph
Styling: (Yours truly) J Marie
Hair & Make Up: Debbie Celis for Product of Society
Model: Azalea Hart

So I got good news from work and school last night, and y’all know what happens next. I shop around….for self prizes! I got raves and high marks for my big fashion project on HELLZ BELLZ, (Lanie, you’re my idol!) and was happy that my former Fashion Styling teacher remembered me from a year ago from my “good work and amazing final project.”  I’ve also been invited to come into one of her classes as a guest speaker! How exciting!

So let’s go shopping, shall we?

Aldo accessories is a war zone. It’s so tiny and there are mad ladies with their big ass purses, so everyone be hitting each other, walking sideways and blocking your path. But MAN there are so many cute things in there that I couldn’t resist!


Out of about, oh I dunno – a BILLION things, I finally decided to cop these 2 cuties. 2 for 1 baby! At a whopping $6 dollars for both! How do you like me now, playa?

Then I was like – cool. Not so bad on the spendage. But low and behold, this vision of beauty stopped me, and I heard angels.

HELLO NURSE! Where have you been my whole life? I was heart-broken when I lost my beautiful black heart-shaped Murano glass ring straight up from Venice, Italy. When I saw this it managed to mend a lot of that hurt & suffering. It’s Aldo’s special line called Crystallized Swarovski Elements. “Elements”…… I wonder how much of that is actually in the ring. Let’s hope I don’t lose this one.

And BTW. Where the F are all the boyfriend blazers at?????