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Hey friends!

Update your bookmarks, I’m SO EXCITED to announce that is live and cooked just like this damn lobster I’m about to eat!

I’ve been receiving lots of loving feedback from all you hotties. I know I’ve ran off for a quick minute. I’ve been uber busy, but be sure to stay tuned and keep checking back, I promise there is lots to come!
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Hi everyone!

With fall at our door, I decided to change things up a bit and give a new look to my blog.

What do you guys think?


The results are in! A huge, dinosaur, universe sized THANK YOU goes out to all the beautiful people that took the time to vote for me in the She Does the City/H&M style photo contest. It was so much fun to do! I am overjoyed, and overwhelmed at all love and support!

And yes, I’ll spend the winnings all in once place! 😉

Much, much love everyone –  new post to come soon!

xoxo, j

one happy camper!


you likey?

see you tonight, all my lovelies! ❤

MAN! Who would’ve thought Instagram would be so much friggen fun!??!!??!

I wish everyone out there a wonderful, safe, healthy, beautiful new year for 2011. Keep doing what you love, be true to yourself, and forget the rest…

“Cheers to the new year, and another chance for us to get it right.” – Oprah Winfrey

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday. Sorry for those of you that gotta work this week =(

Haven’t been too busy with styling projects because of work. Had to put my styling classes on hold because of work. Work is my life, but I gotta do it…but to be honest. I love it. It’s a hustle. But I love it. PAPER CHAAAASE!
So, soon enough, I’d like to be updating you on outfits of my own, and my friends that have wicked style in the new year.

Anyway, I went for a touch up on my 2nd tatt this week, I have an eel that’s been living on my leg since April, his name is Unagi.  I just have to tell you about this awesome place.
My tattoo idea was about 4 years in the making. After countless ideas, searching endless tattoo artists & portfolios, losing a $40 deposit to a garbaj sketch I wasn’t happy with, I found exactly what I was looking for at Imperial Tattoos, a custom tattoo only shop. They have a team of extremely professional and experienced artists, each with their own distinct style. I chose Joe Berry to be my artist and believe me, I was pretty damn lucky to find her out of hundreds of artists in the city. She’s a super sick, strong and independent female tattoo artist.  Her style was perfect for Unagi! My experience with Joe and Imperial was amazing. She made me feel comfortable, she knew exactly what I wanted, gave me options, and was mad excited for me after telling her the story behind Unagi. I would absolutely go back to Joe if I ever want to add to my tattoo collection 🙂 Check her out!
Imperial sure knows what they’re effing doing!

I’ve been hesitating on this post forever, Unagi is hidden and isn’t really meant to be seen or exposed, but ahhhhh what the heck…I’ll give him his 5 minutes of fame 🙂 But for real, I had to biggup Imperial. Thanks again, Joe!
Ahem. Excuse my ASS.


oh and may I add….this is the best poutine ever after a painful touch up session

I know, it might look disgusting to some…but believe me, it’s HEAVEN!!!
You can find it at The Lakeview

Wishing you all a bomb ass new year! 2011, here I come.

Damn homie


what the fuck

We like to crash parties

We are the Party Crashers.
We like to crash parties, eat all your food, drink all your drinks and win all your games.
Will you help us find a party to crash? Maybe even yours???
We don’t need an invite. We invite ourselves. Your party better be good, and open bar please!


-The Party Crashers

You know, I LOVE leggings. They come in different colours and textures. You can completely change the look of your outfit. You can wear them with just about anything – UNDER dresses or skirts – even shorts, LONG tunics or LONG sweaters or LONG tanks.  You know, as long as your ass is covered one way or another. I admit, SOME people can get away with the leggings = pants ordeal…..but I find that very rare (unless you’re in a American Apparel ad). Usually I’m not really down. If you’re going to rock it as pants (your top doesn’t cover your ass), make sure that:

1. Your leggings are 100% opaque. I don’t want to see your heart patterned pink panties (or do I?) right through your ghetto TIN ass leggings that should pass for tights.
2. You are wearing a thong. I hate panty lines. Don’t wear tight up granny panties that split your ass into 4 quarters.
3. There are no friction holes in your crotch. No one wants to see that.
5. Whatever you do, keep it classy son!

Here are some examples of what I mean. I’m sure you’ll agree:

Not classy (See #5)

Camel Toe. See #4

Panty lines with WHITE leggings? OH HELL NO


What's the point of wearing them at all?