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All the very best in 2012!!!



KNICK KNACK, CHILLIWACK, give the man dem a parka!

Part II of the Canada Goose series is up and running! Andrew had his eyes set on the MUST HAVE sexy mens Canada Goose Chilliwack Parka, designed in collaboration with TDOT’s own Drizzy Drake!
It’s got my stamp of approval. Hot and fresh for the cold winter season. There’s only 300 of it’s kind, and unfortunately it sold out faster than you can say “oh you fancy huh?”

Check it out! Shot and edited by coot cat: Rubio Films

OVO, Drake + Canada Goose Jacket Collab from Rubio Films on Vimeo.

….From your cold weather apparel ice cream team

It’s finally here!

Paulo, Andrew and I had a wonderful time covering the EXCLUSIVE Canada Goose Fall Winter 2011/2012 affair on the rooftop of the Spoke Club, Toronto.

I got the privilege to check out what’s new behind this season’s collection, picked out some personal faves, and had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Director of Design and Merchandising, Spencer Orr about this phenomenal Canadian brand that has gone completely viral on our city streets!

I loved how the collection was displayed. There were no models, runways, or rush. Instead, an intimate gathering allowing viewers to try on all the merchandise, which were all displayed on mannequins. A Canada Goose rep would walk individual consumers through the lineup and completely educate them about any product of interest, and all of the reasons why it’s worth the purchase.

A lovely event! Very well done! I had a blast!

Without further ado, check out our full coverage by RubioFilms

Canada Goose 2011 Fall/Winter Collection from Rubio Films on Vimeo.

Music by my loves: FAKE DATE

I’m so excited to tell you that I had the most wonderful opportunity to check out Canada Goose’s exclusive 2011/2012 winter collection.
A big shoutout goes to an old friend – the talented and amazing videographer, Paulo Rubio, and my handsome co-host Andrew!

Here’s a little teaser to get things poppin’. Stay tuned for the full episode!

It’s a klickclash & Rubio Films collabo!

Canada Goose – Fall/Winter 2011 Collection (teaser) from Rubio Films on Vimeo.


I just had to share with you my long overdue Mardi Gras themed potluck post with the Party Crashers…
We did our own celebration, complete with a southern menu (made first time recipes that turned out amazingly delicious!) bead throwin’, good music and super food comas!

Tons of pics as both Huckle Barry and myself were armed with SLR cams.
Enjoy! And don’t look at this post if you’re hungry!!!!

the iron chefs

the food

klickclash’s super cheesy baked mac n’ cheese

Huckle Barry’s stuffed peppers

Shay’s big bird fried chicken

HA’s freshly baked cornbread

also on the menu:
Dansir’s Spicy Jambalya
Fry’s Sweet mashed potatoes
Tito Joe’s Chicken Gumbo
HA’s bean and sausage =S

the shenanigans

the end!
xo, the party crashers

ps. do you want recipes? the party crasher fam will HOOOOK IT UPP!


I can’t post em all….but you get it!

nuff said. i have the greatest friends.

Casa Loma, that is.

Usually, I stay home on New Years Eve (with the exception of last year), in my extra large sweater and jogging pants, sans bra, eating chips, Turtles and sipping on an extra large bubble tea until I fall asleep, which is the best thing ever.Β  It’s overrated and expanse to go out, but you gotta do it up at least once…right?
After much hesitation and whining, I agreed to buy a million dollar ticket, come correct and roll with some friends to Casa Loma. I was thrilled to find out my boy M-Rock was djing for the night, so I knew that I was guaranteed some reeeeaaaalll gooooood bangin’ music, which turned out, truuuuuueeeee.
On top of that, the venue was incredible. Nice crowd, well organized, not rammed like sardines, beautiful people…I swear I felt like I was on a season finale episode of Gossip Girl!

I danced till my shoes came off, then put them back on the wrong feet, made friends with everyone in the castle, ate cupcakes on the floor, and a whole buncha other stuff that seems to be a blur, until I was caressing the curves of that sexy porcelain toilet the next morning.

I hope everyone had a great start to the new year! Let’s see what 2011 will bring us!
Please excuuuuse my point & shoot cam!


My black one shoulder dress is from Denise, earrings from Anne Sportun, all bangles and braclets from H&M

It’s funny that when I’m not neck deep busy in life I seem to lack in posts…but since I just purchased a brand spankin’ new iMac πŸ˜€ I guess I got no excuse! It was hard using that ancient Powerbook (YES. Powerbook. 1st generation Apple laptop baby). I keep it oldschool.
I can’t complain, summer’s been good to me. Good weather, friends, fam, food, and of course summer wardrobe! Sadly, it’s peacing out soon, so hurry up and wear all your rompers, because I have about 17 that I haven’t even warn yet!!
I promise I’ll be better at my posts. I’m excited about my SWEET STEEZ section I’m going to start – so look out for that!
I would post a crap load of pics ofΒ  my summer but meeeeh, there’s just too much to go through.

And you must be wondering about Meesh’s wedding! Well, she did it! Hahahaha. It was the most beautiful wedding ever, I was so most honored to be a part of it as her and Jon’s maid of honor.
Here are a few of my faves that were taken by my girl, Vicky

The following photographs were taken by Tara McMullen. See Meesh’s full wedding story post here!



I know this is out of my style, but I’ll leave you with Ai Otsuka- Kingyo Hanabi. I love this song and my little mochi nieces.



We like to crash parties

We are the Party Crashers.
We like to crash parties, eat all your food, drink all your drinks and win all your games.
Will you help us find a party to crash? Maybe even yours???
We don’t need an invite. We invite ourselves. Your party better be good, and open bar please!


-The Party Crashers


HOLY SHAT my BFF is getting married in exactly 6 days and I’m pissing myself excited!!!
We’ve been friends for about 15 years and WOW, I can’t believe the day has finally come!
Here are the wedding shenanigans in a nutshell:

The hottest bridal party ever


Dominican Mess

Bridal Shower

Game over HOFF stagette

Behind the scenes HOFF

Time to walk down the aisle, snuggie!

Your bridesmaids are right behind ya, πŸ˜‰