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All black is always a classy, timeless safe bet. I love using different textures of black together in an outfit – they compliment each other so well. And there’s always the option to shake it up by easily adding pops of colour with accessories!

But these aren’t just any accessories. I am wearing beautiful, handmade earrings by the lovely, Yvette aka. Killa Hearts You.
They are the finishing touch to pretty much any outfit you can think of. What makes these earrings so unique (besides the gorgeous length, that is hard to find) is that Yvette can create & customize to any colour, shape or idea you fancy! I don’t know about you, but custom and handmade accessories are off the chain! Speaking of chains, Yvette also does earring necklaces which are wildly popular….you heard me. They boldly combine both accessories! That sh*t cray!
Show them off with a big BAM together with a sleek hair up-do, or wear your hair down and let them blend in like feather extensions! Perfect for the holiday season with upcoming parties, and fixes those “what-the-hell-am-i-gonna-wear” moments.
Turn simple into wow!

Is the pair too much for you or overpowering your outfit? Not to worry. Who says you have to wear them both at all times? Yvette strongly practices “single statement earrings”,  where just one is all you really need for a casual event or date, yet still extremely unique and fabulous!

My pair is made with cruelty free feathers, real suede, swarovski detailing and 18k chains and a whole lotta killa lovin’

Outfit 1:
jacket: topshop | pants: zara | boots: blondo | purse: vintage | gloves: h&m | earrings: killa hearts you

Outfit 2:
sweater: gap | pants: urban outfitters | earrings: killa hearts you

Killa Hearts You is having a Christmas season sale for the month of December only – buy two get one free! Trust me they are worth it! They make perfect gifts!  Contact her directly at

Thank you Yvette for the absolutely gorgeous earrings!
As always, thank you Vicky for the absolutely gorgeous photos!

Yo Gabba gabba!

Here are the long awaited behind the scenes pics, and shots that didn’t make the flyer for Rhyme & Wine II.
Our model, Azalea is just beautiful!

Once again – dope team. Need I say more?

Art Direction & Design: Marc Ghali
Photography: Shaun Joseph
Styling: (Yours truly) J Marie
Hair & Make Up: Debbie Celis for Product of Society
Model: Azalea Hart

I LOVE fake eyelashes AKA “fakies” since I was not born with beautiful, luscious lashes that some women are so blessed to have! I don’t wear them on the reg, usually weekend nights out. What I don’t love, is paying my life savings for them…..Ok they’re not THAT expanse, but it can add up, yeah? My first pair was a birthday gift a few years ago and I’ve loved them ever since! For those who wear them on the reg.. DAYUM!

I made a discovery at Pacific Mall while I was shopping wedding tings with my BFF. Meesh had to pee and the only bathroom available in that mall is a stank stall in the dungeon basement where the underground parking is. No one ever goes there.

Wait a minute….I HEAR ANGELS!


What on EARTH? An eyelash booth?? Well it was a booth of random, wonderful things – where we picked up most of the bridesmaids accessories, and HUNDREDS OF EYELASHES!!!! Meesh and I were dying. 10 pairs for $20 son! Amazing! We copped ourselves a box each!

Happy Camper

You can mix and match!

As if things couldn’t get any better….my homegirl, Debbie came over a few weeks ago to give me a belated birthday present.


Lashes for lyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyfffffee!!!!

My bff, Meesh asked me about a month ago to put a post about clogs and what I thought of them…sorry so late, Snuggie.

Did you see Chanel’s SS10 line?

Pretty cute huh? I’m so digging it!
Did you look down at their feet?


WTF is that??? You know, I get it…fashion is cyclical….yes. Give me high waisted and tapered pants galore, but don’t even try bringing these ugly mofo’s back!
There. That’s my take on clogs. They are hideous maximus, and I will never give in!


Not even if you wear them, Mary Kate! UGH!

I’ve known my BFF, Meesh since high school. Her love story with her fiancé, J is THE best story I have ever heard. When they got back together while I was in the Philippines, I screamed so loud that all of Manila must’ve heard me. When I saw J for the first time since they reunited, I gave him a long jump straddle-hug. When they got engaged, I blew out their speaker phone and I’m sure I cracked the car window from my piercing yell. When they asked me to be the Maid of Honor, I was speechless, most honored and ecstatic to fill such a role (even though we made this promise to each other while hanging out eating ice cream over the rails of STC as teenagers).

When Meesh asked me to style their engagement shoot…..I peed my pants.

I hesitated like hell. Meesh is so unique, and she is one of the main reasons why I love fashion so much. I look up to her in so many ways and always admired her edgy, bold style.  I couldn’t believe she asked me to style this, because honestly I thought she could do so much of a better job than me. I learned a lot from her in terms of fashion (and life – although I’m not sure she knows this. haha).  For example, I always wanted a mohawk, was too chicken and she had the balls to do it first, which then gave me the confidence to do it. HAHA.

But Meesh doesn’t mess around, she wanted me to do this and I had to try my hardest to impress her! This was a REAL test! I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous to style a shoot!

So after several size returns, 3 postponed shoot bookings and my knees shaking after I asked them if they liked what I picked. Here’s what they ended up with…

Nothing but beautiful, breathtaking, fairytale photographs, for a one-of-a-kind true fairytale love story :)WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
So I did put a dash of Blair and Chuck flare in there. Did you notice?

Meesh is wearing a dress from Forever 21 – Twelve by Twelve line; accessories from Aldo
J’s entire outfit is from Zara

Congrats again, I’m counting down the days! I love you guys!
Now if you’ll excuse me, this MOH’s got work to do!

Stunning photographs courtesy of Tara McMullen

So I got good news from work and school last night, and y’all know what happens next. I shop around….for self prizes! I got raves and high marks for my big fashion project on HELLZ BELLZ, (Lanie, you’re my idol!) and was happy that my former Fashion Styling teacher remembered me from a year ago from my “good work and amazing final project.”  I’ve also been invited to come into one of her classes as a guest speaker! How exciting!

So let’s go shopping, shall we?

Aldo accessories is a war zone. It’s so tiny and there are mad ladies with their big ass purses, so everyone be hitting each other, walking sideways and blocking your path. But MAN there are so many cute things in there that I couldn’t resist!


Out of about, oh I dunno – a BILLION things, I finally decided to cop these 2 cuties. 2 for 1 baby! At a whopping $6 dollars for both! How do you like me now, playa?

Then I was like – cool. Not so bad on the spendage. But low and behold, this vision of beauty stopped me, and I heard angels.

HELLO NURSE! Where have you been my whole life? I was heart-broken when I lost my beautiful black heart-shaped Murano glass ring straight up from Venice, Italy. When I saw this it managed to mend a lot of that hurt & suffering. It’s Aldo’s special line called Crystallized Swarovski Elements. “Elements”…… I wonder how much of that is actually in the ring. Let’s hope I don’t lose this one.

And BTW. Where the F are all the boyfriend blazers at?????