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Hi guys! I’m a finalist for the H&M style photo contest!
Shedoesthecity partnered up with H&MΒ  and asked their readers to style 3 completely different looks with just ONE H&M item!

Welp. Here’s mine! I chose 1 turquoise summer jumper, and turned it into 3 different spring looks!
What do you think? I told you I love rompers! Who says you can only wear them in the summer time? πŸ˜‰

and you can vote MULTIPLE times too! πŸ˜‰

I love rompers/jumpers/onesies/one pieces – whatever you fancy to call it. They are comfy cozy, even though peeing requires additional maneuvering. Try not to wear them when you’re intoxicated, it could turn into trouble! πŸ˜‰
I LOVE THEM. I have about 17 of them in my closet, and there’s just not enough hot days in the Tdot to wear ’em as is without throwing a sweater or jacket when those cold nights and damn mosquitoes creep up on your ass!

off the shoulder jumper: Zara | purse: H&M

photos by: HA
Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter holiday!

Alright. What in the HEELLL is up with this weather?
Snow, rain, hail, wind, cold…anything BUT a sign of spring.

So I thought this would be the perfect time to put up a 3 part series on my recent Miami trip, where the weather was absolutely perfect! The beach was paradise, patio dining all day/night, the party scene was vibing, and the people were mad sexy!
Can’t remember the last time I rocked shorts and flip flops outside, but it felt damn good.
Palm trees trip me out.

This is one of my favourite summer tops! It used to be a handkerchief. Yeah that’s right! Check out preloved, a neat boutique that creates one of a kind clothing from reclaimed vintage fabrics.
EXCUSE my ghetto flip flops, my favorite pair of sandals got bruck up on my way to South Beach, so they are purposely absent from the photos =(

Top: preloved | Boyfriend shorts: H&M | Hat: Big it up
photos by HA

All of Tdot has been waiting for Springtime long enough, but we just keep getting teased with this blasted weather!
So the boots, sweaters and heavier-than-spring-jackets are still being rocked.
My shorts, skirts and open-toe shoes have nuthin’ but sad faces on ’em.

Until then, I love denim, tweed and chunky sweaters to create a chic equestrian look! – (which are most my looks in the Fall/Winter).
Hurry Spring!

Sweater: Forever 21
Denim shirt: Bluenotes (YES I said Bluenotes!)
Shorts: H&M
Boots: Franco Sarto

I just had to share with you my long overdue Mardi Gras themed potluck post with the Party Crashers…
We did our own celebration, complete with a southern menu (made first time recipes that turned out amazingly delicious!) bead throwin’, good music and super food comas!

Tons of pics as both Huckle Barry and myself were armed with SLR cams.
Enjoy! And don’t look at this post if you’re hungry!!!!

the iron chefs

the food

klickclash’s super cheesy baked mac n’ cheese

Huckle Barry’s stuffed peppers

Shay’s big bird fried chicken

HA’s freshly baked cornbread

also on the menu:
Dansir’s Spicy Jambalya
Fry’s Sweet mashed potatoes
Tito Joe’s Chicken Gumbo
HA’s bean and sausage =S

the shenanigans

the end!
xo, the party crashers

ps. do you want recipes? the party crasher fam will HOOOOK IT UPP!


Hi guys!

I just got back from the beautiful beaches of Miami!!!! I promise more updates and posts to come, just waiting for Photoshop to arrive so I can edit my pics proper.
It’s cold as hell at home!! brrrrrrrrrrr.

Missing South Beach Miami!