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Damn homie


It’s funny that when I’m not neck deep busy in life I seem to lack in posts…but since I just purchased a brand spankin’ new iMac πŸ˜€ I guess I got no excuse! It was hard using that ancient Powerbook (YES. Powerbook. 1st generation Apple laptop baby). I keep it oldschool.
I can’t complain, summer’s been good to me. Good weather, friends, fam, food, and of course summer wardrobe! Sadly, it’s peacing out soon, so hurry up and wear all your rompers, because I have about 17 that I haven’t even warn yet!!
I promise I’ll be better at my posts. I’m excited about my SWEET STEEZ section I’m going to start – so look out for that!
I would post a crap load of pics ofΒ  my summer but meeeeh, there’s just too much to go through.

And you must be wondering about Meesh’s wedding! Well, she did it! Hahahaha. It was the most beautiful wedding ever, I was so most honored to be a part of it as her and Jon’s maid of honor.
Here are a few of my faves that were taken by my girl, Vicky

The following photographs were taken by Tara McMullen. See Meesh’s full wedding story post here!



I know this is out of my style, but I’ll leave you with Ai Otsuka- Kingyo Hanabi. I love this song and my little mochi nieces.