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I LOVE fake eyelashes AKA “fakies” since I was not born with beautiful, luscious lashes that some women are so blessed to have! I don’t wear them on the reg, usually weekend nights out. What I don’t love, is paying my life savings for them…..Ok they’re not THAT expanse, but it can add up, yeah? My first pair was a birthday gift a few years ago and I’ve loved them ever since! For those who wear them on the reg.. DAYUM!

I made a discovery at Pacific Mall while I was shopping wedding tings with my BFF. Meesh had to pee and the only bathroom available in that mall is a stank stall in the dungeon basement where the underground parking is. No one ever goes there.

Wait a minute….I HEAR ANGELS!


What on EARTH? An eyelash booth?? Well it was a booth of random, wonderful things – where we picked up most of the bridesmaids accessories, and HUNDREDS OF EYELASHES!!!! Meesh and I were dying. 10 pairs for $20 son! Amazing! We copped ourselves a box each!

Happy Camper

You can mix and match!

As if things couldn’t get any better….my homegirl, Debbie came over a few weeks ago to give me a belated birthday present.


Lashes for lyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyfffffee!!!!

I’ve done pretty much everything to my hurr, except maybe shave ALL OF IT off.

I miss my mohawk the most. I’ve wanted to do it for years, but never had balls to do so until my BFF did it first. BWHAHAHAAHAHA
I have to admit, you really do have to match your outfit to your hair and put loads of makeup on. I would look like a little boy first thing in the morning, which wasn’t so fun, and I’d rather eat a saxophone than go through those fucking in-between growing stages!!!! UGH

Anyways, here’s a mohawk throwback!

Mohawk Throwback

I know. I suck!

Sorry to keep you waiting. I mean, I really don’t remember much…

Just a lovely and delicious dinner with my bestest and closest friends, my PFESTER BDAY girls Chapeau and Mama Tai Sue, a gigantor surprise birthday cake, my boy DJ Surreal Sound getting the party started, my girl DJ Sivuplay tearing it up all night, custom made “panty” drinks just for me and my girls, a dress to impress the hoff in noir dress code, a full house with over a hundred of the greatest friends that I like to call fam, the 100 drinks I downed like water, the panties we threw at everyone at midnight that ended up around my neck, the brief I was catching everyone in like butterflies, the mic I was yelling bullshit into, the laps I kept running around the club, the toilet my head was in, my girls taking shifts babysitting me as usual, Danie brave enough to stick her finger down my throat and barf my delicious dinner, throwing up in front of the valet boy at the hotel, and of course everyone who made my birthday weekend perfect! Oh, and the most dirtiest, rudest hangover ever. You know, just a regular ol’ birthday…

BWHAHAHAHAHAH. On the real – my dirty thirty couldn’t gotten better than that, SON!

I didn’t even make it to be the HOFF!

So anyway here’s the real reason why you came, PICS!

Obviously there are a million more – but I can’t post them all. Here are a few of my faves.

And the award goes to….

Best Pantyfest Flyer

Best Girlfriends

Best Bday Pro Nails

Best BFF's

Best Sorella

Best Dj (and Shey too!)

Best PFesters!!!

Best Fam

Best Homegirl

Best time ever

Best Friend ❤

Best Pantyfest Sport

Best BFF and BFF Fiance