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Really? COOL!

Totally Klick Clashing at work!

My entire outfit is from H&M. Vintage shoes from London town (England that is!)
And yes, that is Jesus behind me. Waddup!


My bff, Meesh asked me about a month ago to put a post about clogs and what I thought of them…sorry so late, Snuggie.

Did you see Chanel’s SS10 line?

Pretty cute huh? I’m so digging it!
Did you look down at their feet?


WTF is that??? You know, I get it…fashion is cyclical….yes. Give me high waisted and tapered pants galore, but don’t even try bringing these ugly mofo’s back!
There. That’s my take on clogs. They are hideous maximus, and I will never give in!


Not even if you wear them, Mary Kate! UGH!

My friend Mel is not only a wick-aad dancer and singer, but a BEAUTY!!! Who wouldn’t want to photograph her?
Another project for Lise & Chris – Meesh on makeup and myself on wardrobe, nuthin’ but fun times!

Lise’s sexy idea worked perfect with Mel!

Check it!


Art Direction & Photography: Lisa Vuong & Chris Hernandez
Makeup: Michelle Ellen
Styling: J. Marie

Here’s the official flyer for Rhyme n Wine!

I better see your pretty asses there!

Art Direction & Design: Marc Ghali
Photography: Shaun Joseph
Styling: (Yours truly) Joan Marie
Hair & Make Up: Debbie Celis for Product of Society
Model: Azalea Hart

More behind the scenes to come!

Just got back from DR with NO tan. It’s so sad when you go on vacation for sun and the majority of your trip is RAIN. BAAAAH. Regardless, I was with my bestest girls for Meesh’s bachelorette and anywhere we go, we have a great time. Love you guys! HELLOS! hahahhhahaha. I love endless inside jokes and GHETTO GAMES are THE bomb! Major Laser!

Pictures and tons of updates to come! I’m drowning in work (I hate 12 hour shifts) and school (I hate writing papers), but I promise stories and pics are on it’s way! Don’t give up on me, playas!