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Speaking of best boys ever, how could I ever say “no” to a collabo?

Marc, Shey & Shaun, (whom I met by kinda fluke and have become some of the most greatest & loyal friends ever) throw some of the best jams in the TDOT (best known for Hip Hop Love). I was more than grateful to help them out when they asked me to style their next flyer – Rhyme N’ Wine. A jam to combine the love of urban music with soca and calypso. Dope concept.

With little time to shop and come up with outfits catering to their theme and hitting up a serious Halloween party the night before (shit show massive), there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for these guys. Thanks for the restore Vitamin water Marc, that shit is MAGIC!

Nonetheless, we had a wicked ass time.
Our model and friend, the beautiful Shonelle – fully came in and killed it! YOU SEXY GYAL YOU!

Amazing team.


A fun-filled night of fist pumping, piggy-backing, booty-shaking, fight-picking, chinese-eating, trailer-park-singing, armpit-sweating, techno-beatin’, bottle-service-poppin’, jon-sit-down-and-don’t-get-into-a-fight-with-those-fools, puking-it-all-up at-the-end kinda night.

oh. and bacon pick up lines.
baby bacon.

I was just one of the boys, with the best boys ever, on a boys night out.


Shaun partied real hard!

It's all about the pump

Bday boy & I

We mean business

Shey as "Bluesteel"

oh. and anyone who wasn’t with us, probably hated us.

When Vicky first kicked off her business as a photographer, she asked me to style a couple for one of her upcoming engagement photo shoots back in October 2008


I’ve seen other engagement photos, and most of the time I’m not a fan of the mismatched or too-matchy getups (enough with the white/black top and blue jeans man!). Again, never having styled a couple for such a special occasion that they could look back on and for the world to see, I had to make them look good. Hi! Nervous! A new challenge for me to take on! I had to be careful and not go nuts on crazy fashawwwn ideas.

Jen & James were so lovely, and thankfully they loved the outfits I got! Jen is wearing a dress from Nine West, knee highs from Aldo and wool jacket from H&M. James is wearing a sweater from the Gap, jacket from Zara (which he later bought off me) and hat and scarf from H&M.

We had such a bomb ass time frolicking in the forest.

Stunning pictures and a stylish couple =)
Congrats Jen & James they are now married!

Photos from Darryl and Vicky

I LOVE dresses. They are one of my weaknesses. I love them in all colours, shapes, patterns, lengths, textures and styles! I love the way it flows, the way it fits and how it can either bring out elegance, cuteness, or sexiness. You can dress it up or down, casj or all-out, rock a blazer or denim jacket, high heels or boots, add a hat or a scarf, throw on patterned leggings or skinny jeans. You can do a meeeeelion things with dresses and have a new look each time! 

Just don’t stank it up and ruin it. 

Here are a few of my faves that I want, but can’t fit in my closet! 

All class, baby 

And for the record. I love all dresses by Nicole Miller. Especially my very own Nicole Miller banger…

Sexy Vicks and I at Tiff & Ken's wedding


ps. asymmetrical dresses are the shiet!

Garb what?

Garb Tenement!

Back in 2008, my boy and style partner Duane, a.k.a “Duane Baby” a.k.a “Baby D”, a.k.a President and CEO of Garb Tenement asked me to style their lookbook for their new line of dope hip hop tee’s for mens that they planned to sell online.

I was honored by the offer, but I hesitated. I never styled mens before, and I wasn’t confident enough at the beginning to do the job, but the whole Garb Tenement team put their trust and encouragement in me, and believed that everything would turn out perfect, and it did!

Might I also add that I had 1/2 an hour to whip out the wardrobe….weeeeeeeeeerrrdd!

After confirming a simple theme with an all white appeal, and “daily mens tasks” (haha), I had a better feel of what kind of vibe they were looking for.  Again, with the help of the best collabo team from the Black Widow photo shoot, this would have not happened without  them!

Needless to say, it was pure fun, jokes and no doubt a learning experience!
Look out for Garb Tenement!

Once again shout outs to the dopest team (ps. – the shirt I’m wearing with the alien head is glow in the dark son!):

Wardrobe Stylist: J Marie
Art Direction: J Guitz, Baby D & J Marie
Models: Jan, Duane & Jon
Photographers: Vicky & Cristina
Makeup Artist: Miel
Production Assistant: Chelle
Location: Boy Girl Photography Studio

And for the record. I know that the “s” isn’t necessary since men is plural, but mensssss sounds so much better! woot!

Very anxiously awaiting……..

10 years since her last release!!! So excited.
If she tours, I can’t miss it this time, even if I have to go alone for f’s sake!!!

I fucking love Sade. She’s a goddess on earth!