MAN I love birthday parties! Especially when it’s one of your bff’s! It was my girl Kidkulit and her love Carly’s bday jam, and boy did we have a blast. Ahem….maybe too much fun, as we ALWAYS do. Biggups to Brian for slapping Ginuwine’s “Pony” on the play list. That was one of my highlights in life.

Chelle & Carly, aka “Cutebarf” – did a dope electronic music set of covers and their own creations. Very, very cool and so cute that I wanted to barf! BLAAAHHHHHH!!!!! A sick ass show for all of their closest friends.

Anyway I can’t reveal a whole lot, since you just had to be there. Apparently Meesh thought it was her birthday too.
All in all, a messy, sloppy night with lots of David Hasselhoff moments. I can blackmail Meesh with the evidence I have on my cams if I wanted to.

Note: Tequila is not your friend.

PS. I think everyone else that wasn’t hanging with us, hated us.

The End!