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I just made last minute plans to go out to my first NYE party ever Yes. You heard me. FIRST TIME. I always thought NYE was overrated and expensive. People are surprised at this knowing the fact I love to party on any other given night (including work nights! tsk tsk).  I usually spent NYE at home with my brothers, watching wack movies, eating like cows and staying up ’till 6am with an extra large Toblerone in one hand and falling asleep on top of a bag of chips.

Well I guess there is a first for everything.

I tried to cop something cute last minute, but after all the boxing day/week madness….I failed. I didn’t really feel like spending over $50, although I did want to ring in 2010 with something new. I really hoped to find these dresses at H&M a new home. My closet.

Eh. They were all gone. I’ll have to make to make do with what’s in my closet. Blah. However I did manage to grab a pair of black lace leggings and a silver elephant necklace.

On a different note, I want to add this to my closet badly.HI! MAHAL KITA???!?!? BEST!!!!!

I’ll let you guys know my outfit goes for NYE!


My Fashion Styling course was what changed it all. It was my second course of the certificate program. The first course seemed to be a breeze. I mean…how hard could a Fashion Styling class really be?  The class began with about 40 people. My fabulous instructor, Iris – explained details of the final project on the first day. The next week, only about 20 people showed up to class.

I was petrified at what was expected out of this class. I had to find a legitimate model under a recognized modeling agency, along with a professional photographer, a makeup artist, a hair stylist, studio time…and of course since I was the stylist, a theme and outfits to match. Things that I have never done before and had no idea how to do. I wanted to pee my pants at the whole idea. It was, as me and my friends would say, intanse.

But secretly, I love challenges and I went hard on this one. Luckily, all of my closest friends are amazingly talented, so I utilized them and I couldn’t have asked for a more ridiculously sick ass team.

Themes are difficult. In the beginning I thought the more complicated the theme was, the more “fashion forward” it would be. I racked my brain for weeks coming up with something, and thought of the most ridiculous ideas that were impossible because there was no budget for this. Poor Vicky had to listen to me for days and read my emails, brainstorming on any idea that came to mind.

Finally, after going through some portfolios of other stylists for some inspiration, I came across some very gothic images that took place in a cemetery that made me look twice. To sum it up, I came up with Black Widow, the story of a strong female “femme fatale” man eater who lures men into her realm of darkness. She uses her own beauty and sweet temptations to capture her prey……(insert dracula laughter here). The wardrobe? Simple. Black & white in a variety of fabrics and textures.

So without further ado, here are my favourite shots.

Wardrobe Stylist & Art Direction: J Marie
Model: Laetitia Gacond (previously with Elmer Olson Model Management)
Photographers: Vicky & Cristina
Makeup Artist & Photo Editing: Miel
Hair Stylist: Kyeisha Ball for Marca College
Production Assistant: Chelle
Chef: Duane Baby aka Baby D
Location: Boy Girl Photography Studio

“Every fashion spread, should tell a story” – Iris Simpson

I swear, H&M kidnapped me and took me hostage! I don’t know what came over me, but I put a dent in my wallet today in a matter of, oh I dunno…….30 minutes?! WTF! I meant to pop in and out of the mall for my princess niece’s Xmas gift – but the mall was surprisingly not busy and it was so tempting to browse! I’m not sure if I want to share my haul, it’s so sick that it’s actually sickening…..on second thought, I got a lot of stuff considering the amount I spent.

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

Next item on my wish list!!!!

I ❤ Hellz Bellz

MAN I love birthday parties! Especially when it’s one of your bff’s! It was my girl Kidkulit and her love Carly’s bday jam, and boy did we have a blast. Ahem….maybe too much fun, as we ALWAYS do. Biggups to Brian for slapping Ginuwine’s “Pony” on the play list. That was one of my highlights in life.

Chelle & Carly, aka “Cutebarf” – did a dope electronic music set of covers and their own creations. Very, very cool and so cute that I wanted to barf! BLAAAHHHHHH!!!!! A sick ass show for all of their closest friends.

Anyway I can’t reveal a whole lot, since you just had to be there. Apparently Meesh thought it was her birthday too.
All in all, a messy, sloppy night with lots of David Hasselhoff moments. I can blackmail Meesh with the evidence I have on my cams if I wanted to.

Note: Tequila is not your friend.

PS. I think everyone else that wasn’t hanging with us, hated us.

The End!

So this is how all the styling mayhem started….

Once upon a time, several people asked me what the hell was I doing working the job I work (I’ll give you a hint – it’s technical). The subject of fashion always came up. I thought, since I have a technical diploma and degree, why not go to school and learn more about fashion, and the reasons why it was brought to my attention?

I found myself signing up for a fashion course in 2007, which then led to pursuing a Fashion Coordination and Styling certificate (which I am currently still completing). The final project was to pretend to be your dream job in the fashion industry and come up with a theme and execution. I was also told to put in whatever I wanted to get out of it. So I went all out.

I came up with the idea that I would be the Fashion Styling Editor for Flare ,and my theme would represent Toronto’s diversity in culture and beauty in the issue’s fashion spreads. I rounded up some beautiful girlfriends of mine and put them in pieces from my own closet – repping Asia, Europe, The Caribbean and India. Along with my sexy, talented photographer friend, Vicks (who is fully killing the photog scene – visit her at We managed to pull all of this together in a day.

aaaaaannnd voila! my first project.

Below is a collection of my favourite behind the scenes and finished photos.

So I got good news from work and school last night, and y’all know what happens next. I shop around….for self prizes! I got raves and high marks for my big fashion project on HELLZ BELLZ, (Lanie, you’re my idol!) and was happy that my former Fashion Styling teacher remembered me from a year ago from my “good work and amazing final project.”  I’ve also been invited to come into one of her classes as a guest speaker! How exciting!

So let’s go shopping, shall we?

Aldo accessories is a war zone. It’s so tiny and there are mad ladies with their big ass purses, so everyone be hitting each other, walking sideways and blocking your path. But MAN there are so many cute things in there that I couldn’t resist!


Out of about, oh I dunno – a BILLION things, I finally decided to cop these 2 cuties. 2 for 1 baby! At a whopping $6 dollars for both! How do you like me now, playa?

Then I was like – cool. Not so bad on the spendage. But low and behold, this vision of beauty stopped me, and I heard angels.

HELLO NURSE! Where have you been my whole life? I was heart-broken when I lost my beautiful black heart-shaped Murano glass ring straight up from Venice, Italy. When I saw this it managed to mend a lot of that hurt & suffering. It’s Aldo’s special line called Crystallized Swarovski Elements. “Elements”…… I wonder how much of that is actually in the ring. Let’s hope I don’t lose this one.

And BTW. Where the F are all the boyfriend blazers at?????

Welcome! I hope you enjoy reading my blog about fashion (or what I like to call – fashawwwn), makeup, music, love, life and whatever I’m feeling that unfortunately, you must read.

PLUS I’ll be keeping track of all my styling projects to share with ya’ll!

Cue intro music!